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Posted by on Jan 31, 2015

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In the world of future that you might call today, there is no denying that internet is everywhere. Or at least it’s trying to get there. If you are reading this very article – you are most likely using it. Even though it is hard to tell which part of the internet infrastructure is most important, we can all agree that a lot of our experience on the web is due to the broadband. Whether the medium is coax cable, DSL phone line, optic fiber or wireless broadband – choosing one of them will determine how fast your internet will be, and that is not all. Existing technologies are on a constantly changing and evolving road, road that will shape the future of the internet.



googlefiber2Google Fiber – President Obama seems to be an a new crusade. This one, to our pleasure, is about bringing internet to every household in the US. Changes in federal laws are called and internet-service giant Google is there to help. Google launched their first fiber projects four years ago and results were obviously good. Four more cities in the US south-east are in line for Google Fiber: Nashville, Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte.

So what is Google Fiber? It is a high speed internet connection 50 times faster than average for US. This will enable you to get your favorite shows and movies in seconds, have a better online experience since buffering will be cut down to a bare minimum. Since Google Fiber plan covers not only internet but also TV with more than 150 channels, future of HD television seems safer than ever. So far, Google’s plan has been greeted with a lot of positive feedback and since prices are in the same range as ones offered by local internet providers we don’t see the reason this trend should stop.




ce8e02a297b333c757087bcc74115e4fff19cbf8Elon Musk’s plan for space internet – A dot-com billionaire, the brain behind grand Tesla car idea and even greater SpaceX program, man with a name resembling a Marvel villain – Elon Musk is bringing back an old idea and this time it might actually work. So, what are we talking about? Well, the plan is to create a network of satellites around the Earth. There should be around 4,000 of them and they should be the size of toaster. Together, they would cover the earth with a broadband signal. To show how serious this is: Elon’s company is helped by Google and Fidelity Investments. They invested 1 billion dollars in this project. Just to put it in perspective – it’s a 10% piece of the cake.

This is not the first time such idea was pitched, only this time – technologies advanced and satellites are now smaller. This means they can be launched in bulks and in lower orbits – all of this lowering the total price of the project. One of the reasons this idea was abandoned earlier, next to the money issue is the advance of optic fibers and other means of connection, but Elon states that purpose of this project is enabling people internet coverage in remote parts of the world.

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